Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)
AIDG has closed. 10 Years in review.
Testing micro-hydroelectric setup at Nueva Alianza, GuatemalaDon Polo and his family at Nueva Alianza

2. Light up the darkness with renewable energy.

AIDG started by working on Hydroelectric systems. With help from the UNDP, AIDG's first enterprise XelaTeco (later Techlogia Ecologica de Occidente) brought electricity to 40 homes at Comunidad Neuva Alianza for the first time (inset pictures and photograph to the right). A 75KW system was completely reconditioned for La Fe and Chantel and transmission was rebuilt for La Florida (large photograph). Other systems developed include a Mitchel Banki system at El Corazon Del Bosque.

Design manuals for different aspects of the hydroelectric systems installed by Xelateco include, the Mitchel Banki system design and appendix. The Nueva Alianza overall system design, modifications to the deflectors, and modifications to the ELC (electronic load controller) design (English), (spanish). A full zip of the files needed to recreate the hummingbird ELC with IGC (induction generator control) will be made available shortly.

AIDG worked with inventor Sam Redfield on a smaller hydroelectric system as well. The 5 gallon bucket generator was featured in numerous outlets like Gizmodo Sam has continued his work on the Bucket Generator and you can find build manuals for it at his site here

In 2010 Xelateco stopped doing Hydroelectric work to focus on stoves. This work was later picked up by former AIDG Guatemala director Steve Crowe and several workers of Xelateco in a new enterprise HITECA

(Pictured: Doña Wilma feeding her parrot by candlelight at La Florida, Guatemala. Inset Left: Members of XelaTeco testing the micro-hydroelectric system at CNA. Inset right: Don Polo and his family in their home at CNA after the completion of the electrification project. Right: Pelton Turbine used at Nueva Alianza, photo by Xeni Jardin)

Pelton Turbine, photo by Xeni Jardin