Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)
10 Years of AIDG




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1. Creating Local Solutions to Global Problems.

For 6 years AIDG ran a research and design for extreme affordability program. Our philosophy was simple: How do you cut costs on basic infrastructure products to make them affordable, while preserving the ruggedness to survive harsh use case situations?

Over the years we worked with university teams and private inventors on design for extreme affordability. Developing new products, testing them in communities, and in a few rare cases bringing them to market.

We worked with, MIT D-Lab, UC Berkeley, Michigan Tech, Ecofys, Haddock Invention, Catapult Design, and a number of other university teams and private inventors.

(Pictured top: Jose Ordonez and the team from Haddock Invention head to a custom wind tower built by Xelateco. Pictured right: Testing of the Calsolagua water heater in Xela.

Calsolagua Solar Water heater